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Levantera: Tale Of The Winds Cheat Code With Key PC/Windows (2022)

Name Levantera: Tale of The Winds
Publisher Admin
Format File
Rating 4.49 / 5 ( 9518 votes )
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It’s written in AGS 1.0 using Alien8, many of you will probably know that Alien8 is almost the original engine used to make games like Megaman X2.
It was released a few years ago, now it is time to continue the adventures of Alice Escaped with a new perspective.
Play as Alice Escaped and help me to save the world from the annoying Todd.
The story will be continued in the next episodes.
And also remember that is a survival game so survive and survive a lot.
I will be posting more of this story, there are many characters who will need to be rescued.
Enjoy the game and
Thank you very much

You’ve accidentally loaded a virus into the base of a sentient biohazard dispenser. Now the entire population of your planet is filled with devious virus-based humour. It’s up to you to do what is best for your planet – Virus Disinfect.

It’s 1935 and sentient robots have captured your home planet Vindi. As Zarya and Tron, your objective is to liberate all of Vindi’s sentient robots. To do this, you must defeat the evil robot General Bee in the Battle Arena.

The cyborg general went on a rampage with his metal brigade, causing chaos on the planet. He also stole an orb which contains the last secret code for reversing the infection on Vindi.

Your job is to travel to the Outer, Middle and Inner Worlds. There you will fight Zarya and Tron in the humanoid form of the Vindi Robot. Furthermore, your battle partner will be various armored forms of the Vindi Robot.

While being a standard shoot-em-up, the game features lots of clever traps, power ups, and secret codes.

Awesome news, my first compilation! Just a small list of games I use to pass the time, hope it’s not too boring and if you like it then you can make my life a bit easier and buy the games on steam!



– This is the map and strategy game i tend to play for hours. It’s crazy fun once you get into it.


– This one is on my 2nd Vita and i cant stop playing. It’s like a combination between Total War and Civilization.


– This is the fan-art of DYST


Levantera: Tale Of The Winds Features Key:

  • Various game modes
  • Fully random levels
  • Fully random characters
  • Fully random events. Use /cvar stressvars[Random] to change events on each
    level. Events can be random or tuned as usual!
  • Key features:
    • Game mode randomization
    • Game difficulty randomization
    • Single play for single player games
    • Party mode randomization
    • Single player saves for single player games
    • Ai resolution and details toggle
    • Freezes and errors, including auto-wipes
    • Auto-resync
    • Remote support
    • Hardware override
    • Misc controls; no cursor
    • Surreal record.
  • Rich documentation.
  • Play on desktop

    Just download the software (it’s a ZIP) and play!

    Play on mobile

    The game is currently playable with Flurry. To obtain Flurry
    premium account, please visit the Play

    Stress Game Survival Guide

    • Attack what?
    • … and what are you vulnerable to?
    • Where?
    • When?
    • Why?

    Since writing this guide, I’ve been playing the game every… single…
    day… for the last two weeks. To support this information, I’ve
    been recording all my sessions and have now published a script to
    automate my playthroughs.

    To get a random peak into the game, please check out


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    “RPG Maker MZ – Tyler Warren RPG Battlers: Monster Evolution” and “RPG Maker MV – Tyler Warren RPG Battlers: Monster Evolution” is a pack of monster-raising RPG with the gameplay of Monster Hunter, and has a unique battle system.
    Who am I?
    At the start of the game, I was very small, but because I was a baby, I can’t use my arms and legs. So I had to crawl on my belly for life, but somehow I came to this world of Super Dungeon.
    I grew, and learned to walk, and here I am.
    In this game I will take the role of “The Gangster Baby.” I’ll show you the “Mystic Dungeon” you see now is just the beginning. I will beat all the monsters in the six world.
    You’ll get to know the four skills, and will use them in my battle with the monsters. You will get to know their strengths and weaknesses, and decide what to use according to the situation, thus bringing out your own feelings of strength and weakness.
    In addition, the monsters will have many actions that have never appeared in any other game, and will prove to be a joy to the player.
    Controller Configuration
    If the button used to activate the action skill is combined with other actions, the action will be activated and if the button is not combined with other actions, the action skill will be used.
    1. Left stick move
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    4. D-pad up
    5. D-pad down
    6. D-pad left
    7. D-pad right
    8. Action skill
    Release the buttons
    Start the action skill
    The four buttons used to activate the action skill are not independent of each other. The actions that can be performed by the action skill will change depending on the button combination that is pressed.
    The combinations are as follows.
    Press on the D-pad to set the target
    The controller set on the target will be activated.
    To set to the second target
    Press and hold the second target on the D-pad
    Press to use the action skill
    The action skill will be used.
    To set to the next target
    Press the first target on the D-pad and press
    Move to set the target
    Press to use the action skill
    The action skill will be used.
    To skip the next target
    Press to use the action skill
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    Levantera: Tale Of The Winds Crack +

    Long story short: the game is a top-down 2D action-RPG platformer with mechanics of a Metroidvania. A sequel to 2005’s “Nakawak” game, you play as a hunter who has to defeat the forces of The Ninja. To survive and get stronger, you have to obtain powers and increase your stats at the end of each level. While the first game was designed for DOS, this edition is a Windows title with better graphics, therefore it’s also for PC.
    After awakening from a long slumber, you find yourself in a strange land, together with a giant cube and you have to help the dinosaur-like creature to get home by defeating the rest of the ninja as you go. Gameplay:
    Initially, you start with the default items: wooden club and fire arrows for basic attack, stone club and spring bow for special attack. At the beginning, you have to cope with the monster’s attacks that can be easily dodged with the fire arrows. Later on, you can obtain a rope which can be used for climbing walls. The monster’s attacks get more frequent and stronger as you get more powerful weapons and better items. Additionaly, you can get stronger boosts by hitting certain switches in each level. You can get the ability to be able to fly in the air for better view of the level and a stronger boost for special attack. At the end of the game, you can finally get the main blade, which increases even more your max health and damage as well as your speed.
    Replay Value:
    Each level is a unique puzzle, which you have to solve in order to get to the end. The first level gives you 20 minutes and the last level gives you about 20 minutes of gameplay. While you can spend lots of time on most levels, there is a challenge in each level. If you find the levels too hard to solve, you can always open the hint menu and you will find that the puzzles get easier in this aspect.
    – Possible to beat the game in 30 to 60 minutes for the hardcore gamers.
    – Variety of enemies, traps and puzzles.
    – Graphics are good and clear enough.
    – The story is not made out of easy puzzles. The puzzles are not there to give you an easy gameplay, but to test your skills and brain. If you have an idea about how to overcome a situation, you can always use the hint feature.
    – Hint system makes some times a bit hard


    What’s new in Levantera: Tale Of The Winds:

    is the Diwali 2017 Festival for NES for the Japanese Indie Game Awards


    Based in Australia since 2004, Trials of Harmony is the Developer of visual novels along with the award-winning Volume, a highly successful achievement in the Australian games industry.

    From a humble beginning in Perth, commercial release of Trials of Harmony initially occurred on Microsoft Windows in 2011 in limited release worldwide, and dubbed the ‘first day ever’, marking a milestone in the then nascent Australian games development industry. The release created a flurry of media attention across Australia and around the world, followed by countless awards and accolades for Trials of Harmony.

    Since 2012, Trials of Harmony has been in a Steam Early Access and will soon move to the newly developed Store in September 2017!

    What to expect

    Research and development, combined with talent, passion, and support, results in a higher quality product or service than lesser budgets and less experience can produce.

    We want to provide the very best of our writing, art, music, and gameplay to our players’ enjoyment.

    We want to thank you for your interest and the trust you’re showing us.

    What do we have to offer?

    Exquisite original soundtracks written and arranged by David Nix and Daniel Minchella.

    To the best of our knowledge, a unique, high fidelity, and polished digital audio file.

    An aesthetic style which smoothly transitions from comic to story, from romance to horror, from battles to conversations.

    A cast of characters, brought to life with careful planning, but still fully stylized to fit beautifully into a fantasy world.

    Original graphics which revolve around a grunge, 80s-esque aesthetic, but enhanced with subtle detail and polish.

    A new digital version of the animated storyboard, painting, and screen layout for the newest Gory release, Trials of Symmetry.

    The ability to access the digital hardcover version of the third series of animated storyboards, for a limited time only.

    All of the above described bonus assets may be previewed and commented on, and archived on the GOG version of the game for a small, one-time membership fee.

    We can also provide fantastic promotional opportunities and exclusive access to the first series of tracks for selected prices and promotions.

    Trial Work

    Trial work can be undertaken during development of the game, at no charge. We are actively seeking qualified artists


    Free Download Levantera: Tale Of The Winds

    A lone robot, slowly realizing that something is different about the human race.
    Within the wall of a city, he is more than a soldier, more than a slave.
    In a world of turmoil, his fate is to figure out what happened and what’s going on.
    Stuck inside an abandoned factory, a lone robot begins to observe a… moreespectfully, and begin to realize what has happened.
    Key Features
    – Combat: Fight through the factory to survive, defeating the enemies that stand between you and freedom.
    – Discover the truth: Uncover the reason that you were created, and the events that happened, to know why you’re alive.
    – A world of mystery: Travel the factory and piece the story together to find what happened.
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