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A game that exists to create a fun, relaxing, relaxing crafting experience.
Become a potioneer, the man or woman behind a successful potioneer business.
Contribute to the world, by using your creativity to create a new potion, and be the one to make it!
You are the alchemist, and the alchemist is you.
*Catchy right?*
Key Features:
• Colorful artwork
• Voice-over
• Realistic potion crafting
• Accessible gameplay, with intuitive touch controls
• Create your own potion recipes
• Save your recipes
What’s New in this Version:
* New High Resolution main menu graphics
* New GUI graphics
We hope you enjoy Potion Craft.
For any questions or feedback, check out our support page on the website or on Facebook:

CrazyHobbitGames LTD is a company focused on delivering fun, quality games. We have been a small studio since 2013 and we have 8 games published. See our games page for more information.
You can find more details about the game and any bug fixes in our forum:

Feel free to follow us on Facebook and stay informed on our latest news:

Also, please check out our Patreon page here:

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Our goal is to bring all the joy of coming up with a new recipe to you! Now you can not only craft your own powerful potions but also enjoy the process as you try out different colors, shapes, and flavors.
What’s New in This Version:
New Menus, New Text, New Chimes.
We hope you enjoy Potion Craft.
For any questions or feedback, check out our support page on the website or on Facebook:

CrazyHobbitGames LTD is a company focused on delivering fun, quality games. We have been a small studio since 2013 and we have 8 games published. See our games page for more information.
You can find more details about the game and any bug fixes in our forum:


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  • Kill all enemies by shooting them in bullet hell
  • Choose between three different weapons, each with their own unique weapons and power-ups
  • Collect V-dollars and use them to upgrade the V-bullet
  • Defeat dozens of enemies in vicious duels
  • Find power-ups in the environment, use them to power up and unlock new weapons
  • Shift your main target using fullscreen camera controls
  • Use slow mo for closer and sneakier enemy kills


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Featuring a mature and mature-rated graphic novel style, MOTHERED is a multi-narrative story told from the first person. It is about the cycle of abuse, abuse, abuse. In this case, the cycle of mothering – you will learn to mother yourself and other people.
In order to get back to the state your mother was in before the abuse, Liana must find and confront her mother and mothering. The challenge she faces isn’t just a one-off – it’s about coming to grips with both the abuse and the things her mother was, and to break the cycle of abuse. Can she do it?
MOTHERED is a game about exploring the ebb and flow of mental and emotional states – hence the use of the term “mental health horror”. You will play the role of Liana but she can be transformed into a number of different versions of herself – the most powerful of which is the id – the most primal and aggressive version.
Together, you will explore how mental states and emotions manifest physically, how the body can reflect the mind, and how the mind may influence the body. You will spend time with characters that are telling their own stories, and you will listen to what they have to say – whether it’s heartbreaking or comical.
The story of MOTHERED is influenced by many things, including but not limited to:
– The Enduring Power of Mothering
– Gender-Based Violence
– Toxic Relationships and Unhealthy Boundaries
– Early Trauma
– Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder
– Body Dysmorphia
– Pervasive Influence of Pop Culture
– Depression
– Suicide
– Internalized Abuse
– Self-Harm
– Self-Determination
– Borderline Personality Disorder
– Trauma
MOTHERED is written by Joey Davidson and illustrated by John Dunn. It is a collaboration between Joey Davidson’s Eating Dream production and E.L.E.S. Entertainment.
The soundtrack was created by Kofi Tatum who has previously worked on music for The Godfather 2, The Walking Dead, and more.
You can find Joey on Twitter, Instagram and other social media at:
(the author’s original profile page has expired)
Thank you for your interest in our work!

For the last 8 years, we’ve


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What a beautiful thing! You explore a lovingly crafted AI sandbox, solving problems, building, getting lost and roaming around. You can roam around the world and there are no goals besides surviving, though there’s also that reactive story that kicks in when you get close to the mainland. If you have a night vision headset on, what a joy it is to explore. My god did it blow me away the first time I played it!

Rock Paper Shotgun
A handful of developers have been releasing ambitious new game ideas in recent years, but none of them hold the same kind of appeal as Resonair. It’s an extremely ambitious idea with stunning visuals, set inside a beautiful, randomly generated world. To say it is the best is to forget the other games, because that’s what it’s doing to them. It’s a thrilling adventure driven game, but not just that, there’s a narrative story from the world’s first AI world explorer to unfold alongside your journey to find out who you are and what happened to you. If you haven’t heard of Resonair, then you’re missing out. The game made me proud to be a gamer.

PlayStation Access

While Dreams is in no way a direct sequel to Virtuous Games’ Neon, it definitely plays like one, and it’s not hard to see why. Both games feel as though they exist in a similar universe, in which building complex cities is just the first of its virtues. Both games are very similar in concept, with procedurally generated landscapes that feel like infinite worlds, filled with a bunch of different elements that can be used to create all sorts of things. While some of those elements are immediately useful (oxygen and water, for example), others are more difficult to find, requiring a lot of trial and error (including your own, unfortunately). As you work on a dream city, it needs to support your family and workers, so the game encourages you to gradually upgrade your city as it grows.

This style of city-building has been around for a long time, of course, but it’s a pleasure to see it being done so well, alongside some fine atmosphere and a strong sense of theme. If you’re looking for an open-world game that rewards you for thinking ahead, Dreams won’t disappoint.

The New York Times

“I can’t think of a game


What’s new:


The Beast of Modonlachie, also known as the Bigfoot is a legendary animal native to Scotland. The name Modonlachie or Mòdon Lèighe translates as ‘Land of the Slidings’, and alludes to the weather in the Lake District.

The beast, which is believed to be a hairy, ape-like creature with a large long tail and short, multi-jointed arms, is said to walk along the ground. It does not live alone or have minions, but it has been noted to be a ferocious and protective beast if it feels threatened by humans or other creatures. Some descriptions about this creature have differing descriptions as to its appearance. For example, the English authors Field and White noted that some people describe that Modonlachie’s legs were gigantic, although that was at a Scottish village where it was much appreciated if the villagers had a fine, new dress.

Rumour and legend

It is said to have its habitat is in the Lake District, the North Pennines, in Lancashire, and is supposedly was seen at village of Bardon Mill in the Yorkshire Dales, in between Whitby and Malton. The beast is said to be a’stray’ or a ‘wild’ beast, and has no more intelligence or reason than a dog. It is a Scottish colloquialism for “wild beast”.

Mòdon Lèighe can be found in the book of the Mòdon Lèighe (or ‘Country of the Slidings’, or ‘Sliding Lands’; a cairn c. 1750 near Braemar was the first place to where the tale of the beast was first told) by the local St Mary’s parish and hamlet of Modonlachie

Contemporary history

Did the Beast of Modonlachie exist?
In his book “Wonders of Scotland”
W. F. Skene records in the preface of his book that the creature “formerly inhabited the wastes of Modonlachie” although no references to any such creature was made by the author’s immediate family. In this unlikely region of Britain, the presence of this creature made even less sense. Skene commented that there were stories of a monster lurking in the moor, but this did not add credence to the story. Skene, however, did record that, in his book, there


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Ancestory is a card game set in a dark fantasy universe. Directed by the Devourer, who rules all cards and forces, every living thing yearns for the freedom to rule their own destiny. Weaken your enemies by summoning minions into battle. Command your creatures and cast spells to steal the life force of your enemies, stealing their future as you decimate their past.
You can buy the game for $9.99 USD on!

what is it about?
– Choose your heroes and decide their fate.
– Play through a single player campaign, where you will discover, assemble, and lead your own force of heroes
– Once you’ve finished the campaign, continue to fight out a series of multiplayer battles
– With each victory, gain new cards and weapons to customize your hero
– Interact with the world through the magic of the game’s web portal, where you can save your progress and access the data about your cards, heroes, and inventory
– Play the map to learn about the various treasures and dangers you can encounter
It’s time to choose your pack of heroes, assemble your army, and raise it to fight!
Ancestory is a challenging card game about a single hero. You’ll play through the game’s single player campaign and then transfer your progress over to the multiplayer mode. In the campaign you’ll command your own hero in a quest to gain power. You’ll be able to raise an army, create cards, discover dangerous enemies, and unlock new treasures.
Once the campaign is finished, you’ll continue to fight with your hero in a series of battles. This is where you’ll create your own deck, level up your troops, and add new cards to your hero.
– For the first time, a working version of the Stronghold mode.
– You will begin the game with only one hero and one base.
– You will play the matchmaking matches using a random deck.
– You will be able to pause and change your opponents at will.
– You can donate money to the game, which will grant you additional in-game currency.
– You can share your progress with your friends through Facebook.

Worth it?
For the right price, any game can be “worth it”. In this case, Ancestory has a lot of great features, the most interesting being the Stronghold battles, the ability to load up deck that you’ve made in the campaign mode with easily accessible characters


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  • 1. Extract all files you need to install Thrills & Chills – Roller Coasters into a new folder.

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    System Requirements:

    OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10
    Processor: Intel x86
    Memory: 1 GB RAM
    Graphics: 1 GB VRAM
    DirectX: 9.0
    Hard Drive: 35 GB available space
    Sound Card: DirectX 9.0 compatible sound card
    Additional Notes: Game requires a 64-bit operating system
    Processor: Intel x86