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Autocom 2015.R1 Delphi 2015.R1 (Cars

Autocom 2015.R1 Delphi 2015.R1 (Cars

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Autocom 2015.R1 Delphi 2015.R1 (Cars

thank you for your help with this issue. i did delete the install of delphi.exe in program files and rebooted. it showed the new app but did not work, a new problem which i will try to solve. i tried to run the app directly from the folder and it will not work either. i will try your suggestions when i get home. thank you again

hi, i was trying to install and run autocom 2015.r1, but i am getting an error message while installing. it says “error while installing autocom 2015.r1: the operation cannot be completed because the original file or a copy of the original file is in use.” i am running windows 7 professional x64 and have visual c++ 2010 professional x64 installed. i want to use autocom 2015.r1 to diagnose my car. please help me on this issue.

my autocom 2015.r1 does not work properly. it opens and goes to the dashboard. then i press alt+f1 to go back and it goes back to the dashboard. i have tried with visual studio 2010, 2013, 2015 and 2017. i can use other programs without any problems. when i open another application the system shuts down. i have windows 10, 64-bit installed.

i have created a new install folder and have the install files extracted. in this folder there is a folder autocom and a delphi folder. in the autocom folder is only one file autocom.exe. when i run it it gives the message : “the operation cannot be completed because the original file or a copy of the original file is in use.

i am having a problem with the stock autocom software i bought for my ds150e, with the error message “ autocom could not start because the following problem was detected:
the program cannot find the file.”
i have tried the steps on the autocom site to fix it, but it hasn’t worked. i have changed the installation folder from c:\program files (x86)\autocom in the original installation to c:\program files\autocom and still nothing. any suggestions?