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Batch Rename Pro Crack PC/Windows [Updated] 2022 ❎







Batch Rename Pro Crack [April-2022]

Get rid of the old version of the Windows Explorer and make it new, light, and awesome with the ultra-fast Cracked Batch Rename Pro With Keygen!
Grab that new PC to the next level of productivity and efficiency with Batch Rename Pro. Its light, tiny, and easy to use, and its got powerful features like batch renaming, renaming file extensions, renaming multiple files at once, renaming to other format, batch file renam…
Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 (32/64-bit).

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It’s been over a year since the release of Windows 10! And in case you have forgotten what Windows 10 was supposed to be, here’s a summary of what’s new in this out-of-unleashed-beta version of Windows 10.
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Hi there, I created this guide to help a few people who are new to Windows 10’s Insiders Program get started. I thought I’d upload this video for two reasons. First, this is one of the last things I do for my channel and I’m trying to make it

Batch Rename Pro With Keygen 2022 [New]

– Under Mac, rename multiple files to a single file with new file name.
– Under Windows, rename multiple files with different extension name in a batch.
– Add prefix and suffix with the new file name for files.
– Add numerical order for files.
– Remove file extension.
– Move file to a folder or set the files into one folder.
– Rename file name to a new one by replacing the old name.
– Open, rename and save files.
– Open selected file in any browser.
– Open a single file in a browser, change all the file name and save them.
– Change the file name of all files on your computer.
– Resize and rotate files.
– Batch rename to copy files to another folder.
– Find and replace the extension of files.
– Duplicates finder tool to quickly search for duplicates files.
– Undo / redo files operations.
– Save the new files.
– Split files into several files.
– Compress multiple files.
– Use built in all standard and user defined file masks.
– Rename the file with its original text, preserve line breaks, tabs.
– Move the files to a new folder.
– Add a comment to a file.
– Set the file name extension.
– Find all the files in the selected folder.
– Find all the files inside a folder.
– Search files and folders.
– Convert image to text.
– Disable loading system extensions files.
– Validate files before performing file operation.
– Scan and check file for viruses.
– Get the file size on the fly.
– Transfer files to another folder.
– Rename the selected files.
– Scan the files for viruses.
– Advanced System Optimization:
– Scan for viruses and remove them from your computer.
– Kill all the running apps.
– Delete processes that are causing a bottleneck.
– Disable or enable Windows services.
– Startup manager to automatically open programs at computer startup.
– Optimize startup items.
– Restore process in black boxes and jagged edges.
– Create application shortcut.
– Re-install application.
– Check for updates and install updates for the current version.
– Uninstall application.
– Manage Services.
– Hibernate the system.
– Shutdown the system.
– Hibernate the system.
– Rest

Batch Rename Pro

Batch Rename Pro is an app that helps you to batch rename all your files and folders. You can use it to automate your procedures for renaming multiple files at once. For example, you can rename all the mp3 files in a folder or multiple images in a folder with only few clicks. The application can be used to transfer files between devices with copy or move functions.

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What’s New in the?

It is a Windows application that allows you to rename multiple files or whole folders quickly and easily

This professional tool can be used to change names, remove extensions, and make specific changes to selected files. Plus, it works without changing the original file.

Get it now and start changing the name of your files and folders.


Item List

It can handle all kinds of item lists, including Mysql, Excel, CSV, and various application-specific lists.


Plus, this program also has a preview panel that will show you what you are going to change.

Free to Try

It is a free file renamer, but you are not allowed to use a free trial on more than 5 different files.


When using the preview panel, it will show you what you are going to change in real time.

How to buy?

You can buy this software for $99. It is a non-recurring subscription payment.

Any Software’s Critical Issues?

Customers’ software feedback reveals several issues of this software. Below are the pros and cons we found.


This batch renamer is extremely easy to use.

This program allows you to effectively rename files and folders.

It provides a decent preview panel where you can see the changes before they are applied.

It has an intuitive interface.


Batch Rename Pro must be used with a subscription.

There was no trial version available

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This is a Windows-based application that doesn’t require any third-party download, but it is a subscription-based tool. In order to make the most out of this tool you can use it for as long as you want. The cost is $59/year. Batch Rename Pro is a file renamer that allows you to perform a basic level of changes, including replacing the extensions. For more complicated changes, it might be a better choice.

It is a Windows-based app that supports files and folders. Batch Rename Pro works on Windows 2000, 2003, Windows XP, Vista, and 7. Just install it and run it, and you will be able to open any file or folder and use the renaming tools.

Batch Rename Pro

System Requirements For Batch Rename Pro:

Supported OS:
Internet Connection: Recommended
Save Game: On
Visual Effects:
Overlay Depth: Enable
Additional Notes:
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