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Kingsoft Office 2012 Pro 12 ((TOP)) 🤟🏾

Kingsoft Office 2012 Pro 12 ((TOP)) 🤟🏾


Kingsoft Office 2012 Pro 12

The software does expire, it’s not a bug. We don’t like this, but this is how the contract is set up, you do not lose any files or have anything broken when it expires. You can extend your license for an additional year if you want, or simply buy a new copy of Kingsoft Office for $39.95.

Upon further investigation Kingsoft Office did in fact expire for me, but my problem appears to have been that I had an old license key still active on my old computer. After I replaced the key with the one from the CD I used to install the software, it worked fine.

Kingsoft Office has expired for me as well, and I found in the process of this that even though the trial version was set to expire 10 days from the date of download, it had not expired at all, and the update to the version I had also expired the trial license. I have contacted Kingsoft to find out what the expected behavior for expired software is and for now have posted a short FAQ on the desktop. Hopefully the desktop support will write back with more information. We’ve come to the conclusion that the trialware program is never really a trialware program, and that Kingsoft never intended for people to have to worry about trialware expiration so it is a surprise to have done this!

I have just recently downloaded Kingsoft office for the first time. I have attempted to download the trial software. I can’t find a place to download the trial version on the website. I read about it in another article. I think it’s something along these lines:
What happened to it?
If you can’t find it, I have not found anything about it! I would greatly appreciate it if you could help me find it. Thanks.

there is nothing to fear in using a free microsoft product like word or excel. it will do the job that you need it to do. we will also provide you with a list of alternative programs in case kingsoft office does not work for you. it is not the case that you need to purchase microsoft software, in most cases, to be able to use software. the best alternative we can recommend is open office, which is quite good, and a lot cheaper than kingsoft office, and better still, is completely free.
the primary function of this word processor is to edit and save your text documents. however, you can use it to create email messages, calendars, diaries, and notes. you can also create publications for friends and family.
new: a background theme option has been added.users can now create their own customized background themes.improved: a background clipboard task window can be opened.users can now manipulate the background of their system task windows or clipboards.improved: the functionality of the task window has been enhanced, improving the ease of use.improved: the problem with the spacing of templates has been resolved.improved: the problem with blank icons and shortcut templates has been resolved.improved: the problem with the background of templates has been resolved.improved: the menu bar can now be customized to display the icon settings within.
new: a postback function has been integrated into the back and forward buttons on the editing window and toolbar.users can now command the instant reflag and override of previously edited document pages.improved: a formatting range window has been added to the task window in kingsoft office. users can now drag around text or images within the formatting range window.improved: when opening a document, the status bar now updates the text size setting and flag of the current document.improved: the function of the formatting toolbar has been improved.