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Name Krieg
Publisher jahfaxi
Format File
Rating 4.30 / 5 ( 1635 votes )
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Set in the distant future, Gnome Lake is an extraordinary fantasy world of deserts, mountains and great lakes. Its people have adapted to their harsh environment, and, as a result, the inhabitants are a tough, proud, and sophisticated tribe. The main groups are the nomadic Barbari (barbarians) from the rural oases, the nomadic Kasi (easterners) from their deserts, and the green-clad Onloi (northerners) from the remote mountains.

Oasis Map Features:

– Areas Blowing Sand: Sandstorms can destroy entire towns

– Sinkholes: Porous holes in the ground that flood at low water levels

– Mountains: Paved walkways, terraced farms, and small settlements

– Mountains: A large, hilly desert

– Lakes: Algae-covered beaches, in contrast to the desert sand

– Lakes: Reflective, shiny surface; constant temperature

– Lakes: Smaller than above

– Lakes: Surrounding mountains make the water even colder

– Lakes: Unique landscaping: cypress trees, dense reeds and reed beds

– Desert Brick: Weathered brick

– Desert Brick: Oasis

– Desert Brick: A great ruin in a desert

– Desert Brick: A fortress with a large stone wall

– Desert Brick: Desert dwelling

– Desert Brick: Great brick town

– Desert Brick: A perch

– Desert Brick: A building with windows

– Desert Brick: Quarried brick

– Desert Brick: A house with a roof

– Desert Brick: A gateway in a desert

– Desert Brick: A gatehouse

– Desert Brick: A vaulted stone wall

– Desert Brick: A building with a mosaic floor

– Desert Brick: A house with a vaulted ceiling

– Desert Brick: A large wooden ship with gun ports

– Desert Brick: A large, storage house

– Desert Brick: A small ship

– Desert Brick: A mired, sunken ship

– Desert Brick: A storage house with intricate wood carvings

– Desert Brick: An abandoned ship, left behind

– Desert Brick: A loading dock

– Desert Brick: A pier

– Desert Brick: A canopy

– Desert Brick: A ruined, fallen tower

– Desert Brick:


Krieg Features Key:

  • All new single player and multiplayer campaign. Choose one of the factions and play through the story on your own or with friends.
  • Create your own Dominion using hexagonal grid.
  • Build massive ships. Watch the carnage as your new fleet tears their way through the foe’s defenses.
  • With support for up to 4 players, this is the game for a group of friends that you want to play together.
  • For more information and screens of the game, visit our website (The Paradox Face-Scape name doesn't do it justice). Thanks!

    14 September 2016ARK – Stellar Phenomena: Rebellion
    ‘s a problem with your browser…It looks like your web browser does not have JavaScript enabled. Please turn on JavaScript and try again.

    ARK: Stellar Phenomena – Rebellion features all-new single player and multiplayer campaign, in which you can choose from one of two factions to unleash upon humanity. Create your own dominion using a hexagonal grid, build massive ships and watch them tearing through the foe's defenses. With support for up to 4 players, this is the game for a group of friends that you want to play together.


    However, there is more than just an awesome new campaign – there is also an impressive new interface! Available for both Steam and GOG users and looks even better in 3D.

    22 July 2016
    Paradox V by Paradox – RAANDT: We Can Dream
    ‘s time to find out what happens on the other side of the rift. It’s a battle between good


    Krieg For Windows




    Our game has a unique and original gameplay. You will be watching a movie. Using your smartphone as a remote and controller. Each scene is broken down into several short parts, that can be stopped and reset at any time. You can do all these actions using different methods. Each scene includes a unique experience. We are planning to integrate new scenes by the end of the year.
    As of August 2016. We are removing the donation payment method and closing down the IndieGoGo. At this moment we are not accepting new donations. Instead of payment we will offer you Free content updates with all new features and level packs. Free with ads. Our website will continue to be available. We will keep all the original game files, assets, videos and the possibility of buying the game will be there for people that love our work!The game world is as follows:
    Features:✓ Fully voiced human female protagonist (diluted cancer)✓ A breathtaking and immersive 3D world where all the characters are unique✓ Water, lava, desert, mountains, a cozy cottage, a grotto and a bustling city.✓ Weather conditions, places to hide, wild animals and lots of insects✓ 3D rendered and hand drawn graphics, tons of locations✓ Tons of different collectibles and hidden items✓ The power of your mind-augments of different feats and skills, like speed, endurance, strength, mindfulness, smartness, perception, magic, empathy, the power of the soul, the power of the wind, the power of the mind etc.✓ All this in a surreal and relaxing setting, for you to enjoy and feel its power✓ A lot of different costumes and customizations. With each costume, you can access new feats and skills✓ A peaceful and calming world of VR, where you can relax and enjoy your inner powers✓ 3 great relaxing songs for you to listen to while you are playing✓ Support for Google Cardboard, Daydream VR, Samsung Gear VR and Oculus Rift✓ Best graphics, best levels, best worlds, best story, best sound and best soundtrack✓ Fully playable in English, German and Spanish
    Homebrew = Affordable, Easy, Free As in Free beer.
    Harder, more complex, longer, live. = game that is harder to do than to explain.
    To the Otherside = Catastrophe in Catasopolis.
    VR Friendly = Possible with certain VR devices.
    Hardest Level = level with some of the hardest battles


    What’s new:

      Fafnir (Theatrical Version)

      Book I: The Throne of Ice
      Waking Realms
      Author Bio: 
      Fafnir is a well-known Wakfu Wiki founder, known for his
      tongue-in-cheek style of editing and extremely powerful
      and punchy writing. If you were to go back and pay attention
      to his edits on the wiki, you might remember him as
      the god of cats, and he used to get more editing time
      than any other Wiki administrator.
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      A review by a character


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      Steam Community Threads:
      For support, please use the Official Community Thread:

      published:27 Apr 2019


      In Stellar Warrior, you pilot a starship all the way through nine different zones. You are traveling with Cel. Ashgur, a hero who pilots a JetSled. You are equipped with a basic weapon, a shield and the charged shot. There are special enemies in each zone that need to be destroyed through a variety of ways.
      Featuring a story that spans across nine different zones, you will uncover each and every one of their secrets when you all-out brawl through enemies with inventive new weapons like the Pulse Rifle, the Fusion Machine Gun and the combat Dust Hammer. With the help from your trusty Sidekick, Luti, you may be able to escape certain doom. Use his power to blast enemies and crumble walls for extra survival points.
      In a distant galaxy, in a kingdom wrought by


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    System Requirements For Krieg:

    Playstation® 4
    Origin® Store™
    -Tested and approved on: PlayStation® 4 Pro, PlayStation®4, PlayStation®4Pro
    -Compatible on: PlayStation®4, PlayStation®4Pro
    Game Disc
    -Tested and approved on: Windows®7, Windows®8, Windows®8.1, Windows®10
    -Compatible on: Windows®7, Windows®8, Windows®8


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