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Lata Mangeshkar Jana Gana Mana Video __HOT__ Free 15 ❕

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Lata Mangeshkar Jana Gana Mana Video Free 15

bharat bala and a. r. rahman came together to create this historic album called ‘jana gana mana’ in 2000. it featured over 35 top artistes, who sang and played musical instruments. and it was produced by bharat bala and kanika myer and published by ministry of culture, youth affairs and sports, government of india.

jana gana mana is the national song of india. this is a song that can bring goosebumps. the song inspired everyone in the country to pause and recall what happened, brought back the lives of indian heroes, and also garnered lata mangeshkar widespread applause. the song has to go down as the pinnacle of musical composition that went on to touch every indian heart.

margaret cousins was highly gratified at the effervescent content and the patriotic thought that had gone into its making. she immediately decided to give suitable tunes to the poem. after carefully studying the meaning of each line, she composed the music notes and briefed gurudev on the swara she composed. with the help of her students and to the accompaniment of some simple musical instruments, margaret rendered the song to the new tune she had composed, in the presence of tagore. the assembled audience was thrilled when tagore spoke a few words appreciating the melody. from then on, jana gana mana was sung regularly at the daily morning assembly of students at the theosophical college as well as the school in the adjacent building.

bankim chandra chatterjee penned this lovely poem, which quickly became indias national song. ace musicians like lata mangeshkar and ar rahman later performed it. despite coming from the same poetry, the two songs have very different tones. the stirring voice of lata mangeshkar can move you to tears of joy and emotion. maa tujhe salaam by rahman, on the other hand, is upbeat, energetic, and gives you the best patriotic boost ever.

the song, composed in one of the very few compositions set to the raga known as jayantamba, is also popularly known as swar -a song of love and longing that has been frequently sung by the likes of lata mangeshkar. the song was originally set to music by sohan lal banerjee. later, it was set to music by rabindranath tagore and set to raga madanapalle in telugu. the song is also popularly referred to as the “indian national anthem”.
in this clip, you will notice the soldiers of freedom struggle who were instrumental in the fight for freedom of india. the soldiers are seen marching towards delhi, even while they are being shot at. independence was a long battle, and our soldiers fought and died for our freedom. it is just our celebration of this day where the song is sung by all. here are the different versions of jana gana mana and vande mataram.
the author of this song has also described it as a people’s song. it is important to understand that lata mangeshkar is the first singer to sing it on a live stage. she was the only one to sing it at the inauguration of the international yoga day at parliament on june 21, 2015. her rendition is so perfect that it is hard to believe that it was not recorded. she sings it in an empowered voice with a lot of rhythm and a strong tempo.
the song is among the most famous songs of the 20th century. lata mangeshkar is the most popular singer in the country. she has been singing for more than 60 years now and has recorded more than a thousand songs. lata mangeshkar was awarded padma shri, the fourth highest civilian award in the country, for her outstanding contribution to the arts.