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Lie With Me Movie Download Extra Quality 720p Torrents

Lie With Me Movie Download Extra Quality 720p Torrents

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Lie With Me Movie Download 720p Torrents

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this is not your typical mainstream comedy. the premise of the movie is that a group of friends get into trouble because their friends’ boyfriends want to get to know them better.

director roberto minervini has the great experience to do a comedy with a silly, funny, and at the same time touching script by the best writer for comedy in italy, fabio grassadonia. the dialogues, script, and acting are very good. the only thing that could be better is the music and the sound effects. i will say that one of the funniest scenes in the movie is the one where the girls’ high school principal, who is a bad actor, gives a class about acting and he is doing this in front of the entire school.

the actress who plays the lead role, margherita buy, is the main reason why the movie is a good comedy. she has the right attitude and moves the story with humor and emotion. her acting and the dialogues are top-notch. this is the only movie that i’ve seen by her, so i can’t compare her performance with other actors.

title (spain): nos vamos a querer