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An Industry Review Helps Retailers Sway Customers and Innovate

“We’re definitely seeing a trend towards paperless in retail,” says Richard Netter, vice president of communications, Avery Dennison Corp.

While the majority of retailers continue to rely on physical print media, the use of digital communication tools like email and mobile advertising is growing.

Past News Releases

Avery Dennison Corp., the leading manufacturer of business communications solutions and information technology (IT) services, has launched Testimonies of a Vibrant Industry, a multi-touchpoint study exploring the industry’s changes and outlook for the future. Developed in association with the global marketing services firm CDP, Avery Dennison is conducting the study with a random sample of 400 U.S. retail customers, business partners and competitors to help marketers and retailers communicate with an ever-increasing consumer base via email, mobile devices and other channels, including the Internet and social media.

“An estimated 70 percent of U.S. consumers and more than 75 percent of smartphone users are expected to have mobile devices by 2013, providing retailers an unprecedented opportunity to engage with their customers,” said Richard Netter, Avery Dennison vice president of communications. “We’re definitely seeing a trend towards paperless in retail, and mobile and Web technologies offer new opportunities for retailers. As retailers continue to reinvent their business models, they must ensure digital marketing and communications tools are helping them connect with their customers and identify their most profitable customers. This study aims to help retailers better understand the changes in the industry and identify steps in order to enhance their marketing and communications strategies.”

The research reveals that:
• Email is the primary communication vehicle for retailers’ marketing and advertising strategies
• 60 percent of retailers are using mobile devices to communicate with their customers.

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