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Lord Rings Conquest Full Version Download WORK ✊

Lord Rings Conquest Full Version Download WORK ✊


Lord Rings Conquest Full Version Download

lord of the rings: conquest is a strategy video game set in the fictional universe of j.r. tolkien’s the lord of the rings trilogy. it is developed by pandemic studios and published by electronic arts. the game is based upon the novels and adapts the style of the movie adaptation, which is released by new line cinema. it was released on january 13th, 2009. the creators also released two content expansion packs that added maps, heroes, and a whole new game mode, although they are no longer available for purchase on the playstation network store.

multiple modes for endless fun
as in battlefront, lord of the rings: conquest has enormous competitive multiplayer modes, including conquest, capture the flag, and hero deathmatch. in addition to these classics, conquest adds a ring bearer mode, in which one player tries to stay alive as frodo against a host of ringwraiths, and stronghold in which you fight on various maps in a risk-style battle for territories. fortunately, you won’t be limited to roaming around with only your teammates, however, as battles occur in large scale with non-player combatants joining in the fray.

on march 16, 2010, the online multiplayer modes of the lord of the rings: conquest were shut down for the pc, playstation 3 and xbox 360 versions ( online play shut down. ea 2010-02-16). on august 16, 2010 a group of fans launched the non-profit cnqreboot servers, allowing users of the pc version to play online using tunnelling software that allows network play via the local area network option. on april 30, 2018, this tunneling software seized to exist. european servers were therefor setup in great-britain and germany using radmin vpn. through this service, it is still played regularly.

even though the game was released originally in 2008, the developers at pandemic studios had not been paid their royalties for the game, which were licensed to electronic arts under a non-exclusive license. pandemic studios managed to raise money through crowdfunding and announced that they would be rereleasing the game on september 6, 2016. they also released a playable demo of the game in july 2012, and proceeded to describe the game as “90% done”.
the single-player campaign consists of three missions, three multiplayer modes ( each featuring three gameplay types ), and the multiplayer leaderboards and achievements. player movement is limited to flying, running, and two-legged crawling, and the player can control either an archer, fighter, stealthy ranger, magic-user, or a scout. each class has a different set of weapons, abilities, and perks, some of which are also shared by the good and evil sides of the gameplay. each character has a special class ability unique to that class, and the player can use these abilities to switch to a class that is better suited to the situation or to heal other characters.
class attacks include melee strikes ( melee attacks are the only way to attack with swords in the game ), lightning, fire, freezing, poison, and earthquake. once per level, each player has a limited number of “special abilities” that enable them to perform special attacks. classes can heal other characters nearby, move them, and use “special moves” that allow them to perform instant area-of-effect effects or targets of opportunity.
the heroes and villains can use a large variety of weapons, including bows, crossbows, explosives, swords, maces, staffs, and war hammers. the weapons are selected using a skill bar that also determines the range of attacks that a weapon can perform. weapons use a “per round” resource called “power” to perform attacks, and some weapons are faster than others at using this resource. every weapon type has an elemental affinity ( ranged, melee or dual ), which determines the type of damage it can deal.