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Unlike regular text files, log files can sometimes be really troublesome to handle, especially when you need to isolate particular lines, perform special searches or just preview the data itself. Opening such files in classical text editors is one approach, but having a dedicated software to deal with them, such as Loxx can be more effective. Built in an attempt to provide a purpose-fit solution for visualizing text log files, it will offer users the means to also perform minimalist manipulation, such as bookmarking or advanced filtering.
Menu-nested features, as well as dedicated commands, make for an effective workflow
The text editor offers its tools both as individual buttons, as well as hidden into classical menus. This is ideal for those who are accustomed to having their controls close by, yet it also provides the menu alternative for the “canonical” ones.
The on-screen controls encompass some of the most commonly used features in a text editor, such as saving or applying filters, as well as some which are custom-made for navigating through the log files’ specific structure.
Perform searches, isolate content, follow tails or select the preferred encoding for the log file text content
Since the main target of this app is attaining more efficient handling of log files, one will be able to easily search the preferred text strings, jump from tail to tail or even apply custom filters to sift through the data.
As this is such an advanced text editor, one could have expected the ability to work with multiple tabs, and this is possible indeed. However, there is no way of applying a split-view scheme to the loaded content.
Manage log files much easier thanks to this useful, purpose-fit text viewer that “packs a punch” in terms of specialized features
This custom-tailored text editor can prove to be a good partner when it comes to visualizing log files and navigating through their intricate structure.


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A log file is a computer file that is usually written in a text-based format, which contains information from a number of the previous programs and/or applications. The file is created by software application, or otherwise, and is saved for tracking or debugging purposes. Log files in their general sense are often the most basic, and most reliable form of computer error information.
✓ Highlight log line on the screen
✓ Can jump between log lines
✓ Can change the order of the log lines
✓ Can sort log lines using simple drag and drop and click
✓ Can bookmark a line for later
✓ Can work with multiple log lines
✓ Can sort log lines by file names
✓ Can apply external filters
✓ Has different views
✓ Can save log lines
✓ Has a preview pane
✓ Can customize various options
✓ Can show/hide specific log lines
✓ Can change encoding of log lines
✓ Can copy log lines
✓ Can increase or decrease log line size
✓ Can show ASCII, Unicode and UTF-8 characters
✓ Can show or hide *, **, or line numbers
✓ Can show or hide new lines
✓ Can specify color options for log lines
✓ Can specify color options for log lines
Open Source (MIT)
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Additional Credits:
Karrê, Paul André

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Loxx Crack+ Free

Loxx 2022 Crack is an advanced text editor for Windows, designed to provide the means for more efficient management of text log files.

Search and filter text log file data using powerful, yet efficient search tools
Browse through the log content, jump to the section you are interested in or even isolate specific lines and start reading from the beginning or the end.
Do you need to access all the characters in a log file? No problem, Loxx Crack For Windows supports Unicode to the fullest.
Loxx has been designed for maximum efficiency in terms of visualizing the log file’s structure. The on-screen controls are highly customizable, and this is also the case with the hidden ones which can be placed in the traditional menus.
The flexible, yet well-designed text editor offers both traditional GUI and a fully customizable keyboard shortcut system. In the end, the user is also able to define custom commands for manipulating the log file data.
Try Loxx out for yourself, and find out how this unique text editor will exceed your expectations.

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Loxx Crack+ Free Download [32|64bit]

• Start from a directory, a URL, a local file or even paste a plain-text file to Loxx
• You can also export Loxx’s content to either LaTeX, CSV or HTML
• Print, bookmark and copy log files to your clipboard
• Search for text and highlight it
• Read and write text to and from files
• Save text or binary files and edit them
• Apply options to specify encoding, save log files to online servers or save log files to FTP servers
• Loxx’s features include scrolling, line and paragraph wrapping and selecting text
• Search within pages or via history
• Loxx supports drawing in ASCII, Unicode and ANSI encoded files and any number of tabs
Loxx supports Windows and Mac OS X, as well as Linux

Loxx is freeware
The LogX Editor supports all major operating systems, such as Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux, and can be run on computers with no visual interface, such as servers.

Loxx is portable
Loxx can be run from any removable media, whether flash drive, CD-ROM, USB stick, iPod, or any other storage medium.
Loxx is portable

Loxx is free for personal use
Loxx is free, however, to use Loxx, it is necessary to purchase a license.

Loxx is free for noncommercial use
If Loxx is used in a non-commercial environment, there are no fees associated with the usage of this product, nor to its selling.

Loxx is free for educational purposes
Educational use is permitted for all educational purposes, including offline viewing.

Loxx is free for personal use
If Loxx is used in a personal environment, there are no fees associated with the usage of this product, nor to its selling.

Loxx is free for commercial use
If Loxx is used in a commercial environment, there are no fees associated with the usage of this product, nor to its selling.

Loxx is not open source
If Loxx is used in an open source environment, there are fees associated with the usage of this product, nor to its selling.

Loxx is not freeware
If Loxx is used in an open source environment, there are fees associated with the usage of this product, nor to its selling.

What’s New in the?

Loxx is a text editor designed to help you manage log files more efficiently. It’s a versatile tool for logging and analyzing performance and log data. The app includes a lot of specialized tools that will help you sort your log files, highlight peculiar data and drill down into them to reach the information that you need.
It has been created specifically for log data, but it can also be used for other purposes, such as viewing historical data and monitoring other systems.
What’s New:
Version 1.9.0: – New color schemes: brown and blue – Optimized visualizations – Improved interface
Key Features of Loxx:
– View log files, spreadsheets, images and other content more easily
– Perform basic and specialized text searches
– Import and export data
– Filter log files for a more efficient navigation
– Bookmark log files, their lines and tags to your convenience
– Open log files in another window, making it easier to view, navigate and display logs
– Load log files from local and remote folders
– Select preferred encoding for the log file text content
– Re-order, copy, view and extract log files
– Quickly copy log file content to the clipboard
– Extend the clipboard with custom entries
– Export log file content as a HTML format file
– View log files through custom views
– Set file filters
– Toggle Between Auto Save and Never Save
– Toggle Log Files’ Kinds: Flush/Warp, Event, Error, and Time
– Toggle Log Files’ Sort Order: By Date, by Time or by Source
– Toggle Auto Save: No, Yes, Auto-Save
– Toggle Shortcuts: No, Yes, Use Shortcuts
– Toggle Line Numbers: No, Yes, On-Top
– Open log files in this instance only
– Export log files as a.csv or.tsv file
– View Files Locally and Remotely
– Customize the app’s interface and text size
– Open multiple tabs
– Reverse Search
– Highlight Lines of Log Files
– Bookmark Lines and Tags of Log Files
– Follow Tails: Track All, Only Latest or One Line
– Copy Tail to Clipboard
– Copy Lines and Tags to Clipboard
– Copy Content to Clipboard
– Copy Filters to Clipboard
– Create Shortcuts on the Keyboard
– Export Current to Local Clipboard
– Move Log File to Current

System Requirements:

The minimum system requirements to run The Secret World are as follows:
Windows XP or Windows 7 (32 or 64-bit) or Windows Vista (32 or 64-bit) with a processor of at least 2GHz and 1GB RAM (2GB recommended).
1.9GB free hard disk space.
DirectX 9.0c
Minimum System Requirements:
Mac OS X 10.5.0
2.4GHz Processor
1024×768 Display