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Mangalashtak Lyrics In Gujarati Extra Quality

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Mangalashtak Lyrics In Gujarati

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mangalashtakam is a very wonderful and merciful sri guru raghavendra bhakti service to devotees. in the year 4th century of sri guru raghavendra (a.d. 400) the scholar saints maharishi vedantini saraswati chaitanya, sripurusha dvijeshwar anasuya and sri ramasamujji of the vidya bharati have composed this devotional mangalashtakam.
this mangalashtakam hymn was composed by sri chaitanya saraswati in the year 1538 on chaitra purnima (the first day of the new phase of the moon – chaitra) on mount govardhan (govardhan parvat). this was also in a period of a famine in bengal. the famine ended on that day after the third day of this mangalashtakam. people are relieved from the burden of food scarcity on that day.
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sri appannacharya one of the great devotee of sri guru raghavendra has composed this priceless poem. this raghavendra mangalashtakam poem is of eight verses with an additional ninth verse that describes the benefits of reciting/chanting of the ashtakam.
the almighty has blessed the mankind with a scripture called “angarohanam”, which is considered to be the most sacred and holy book of the bhaktas (devotees) as well as for the faithless. in this, in the puranas, “brahma veda” and “vedas” are considered to be the holy scriptures. devotees believe that they get their selfless welfare and salvation by performing the hymns of this book. it is treated as their karma-shastra as well.