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Mcafee Dlp Release Code Keygen ##HOT##

Mcafee Dlp Release Code Keygen ##HOT##


Mcafee Dlp Release Code Keygen

Okay. So I am trying to teach myself C#. Every time I try to build my project I get an error that says An attempt was made to load a program with an incorrect format. The original error message is as follows.
[0x00000] error:0x00000001,
process stopped.
I have created a new WCF project, added new reference to System.ServiceModel and also created a WCF Service Application.
The only thing I can think of is the way I named the classes in my first project. I called one “service” and the other “service reference”
Does anyone know why this error appears? Thanks in advance.


You should use a signed assembly.
So create your own signing key, then right-click your project, select options and then Signing tab.

Then add your signing key, of course you have to create it first.

And finally, in the properties window, set Signing Level to must sign (you can also use AnyCulture if you wish, too).

When publishing, make sure you selected the proper type of service reference (Properties window > Service Reference > Config tab).
If all those fail, can you please go to your project root folder and run:
svcutil /t:code /o:C:\WcfSecurity.cs /url:”” /useLegacyDllImport

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