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Mere Dad Ki Maruti Hd Mp4 Full Movie Download

mere dad ki maruti will surely charm you with its superb performance on the screen and will have you laughing throughout, if not for its entirety. directed by yash chopra’s son farah khan, this movie is quite unique. with a few similarities to his popular 2006 hit dostana, the film builds on that first outing’s rapid-fire dialogue and witty repartee, and broadens the scope to a big, fat, sunny punjabi wedding.

but within a year, the svelte, romantic thakur girl starts getting kind of obsessed about the goings-on in his mysterious, comical family. with the wedding near, the young hero is besotted with the girl, but the parents have a different idea in mind: the girl will live with the family on the girl’s side – and the guy will head to a career in business. dada decides to get his way, and informs the family patriarch (ramnivas ghatak) that the girl will soon be moving to live with them. in a roundabout way, the film’s premise is revealed: the girl’s dad has been lying about the car being offered as a gift to the groom’s family. in the movie, we watch both the families’ perspectives – the girl’s and the guy’s – of the situation. while the girl’s family gets angry at her father for lying to them, the guy’s family is happy that their son is getting such a good daughter.

along with a few well-placed subplots, the story threads up in a spectacular final hour. the film brings you eye candy, of course. it presents a beautiful display of the rich variety of the indian culture. music in the film is one of its favorite assets. it’s not too long, and it has a lot of heart. additionally, the film has some great songs, which are nothing less than what you’d expect of a yash chopra film. the characters also manage to hold their own. the romantic track riqudd (composed by vishal-shekhar) opens up the film. its melody is sugary sweet, and its lyrics are full of sugary innuendos. in fact, the song is a sincere tribute to the love between the two characters. although it’s a scene stealer, the rest of the songs lose their steam soon.

yash raj productions has witnessed a major resurgence over the last few years. there was a time when the film industry was dominated by a few big studios with huge financial heft. though the latter are still around, these days its the underdogs and niche players who are on the up. one such player is y-films. noticing y-films innovation and aptitude, yash raj films bought a share of it. right now, the two companies are in merger talks. however, yash raj films has launched its own major, major studio, yash raj films productions, and is in the process of signing up new talents. the company is aiming to ramp up its output, and will now go ahead with the movie mere dad ki maruti.
saqib saleem is undoubtedly a great actor. he proved it yet again in mujhse fraaandhsip karoge. it was great to see him land a leading role in a big budget film. and mere dad ki maruti is no exception. filled with a multitude of funny moments, and with saleem and ram kapoor, delivering some terrific performances, we get to see another side of him. one can only imagine what saleem will do when he gets his own production house in the very near future.
having directed, produced and edited mere dad ki maruti, pooja desai makes her directorial debut with this, her third film. pooja is hailed as the new kiran rao. she manages to distil the essence of the film into delectable bits and parcels. the music is composed by salim-sulaiman. it complements the script brilliantly, and adds a very soulful addition to the film. ajay-atul and anil rastogi, two diehard cindaani fans, are wonderful additions to the cast. anil is a blast as always.