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Microstran V9 Crack

the highlighted lines indicate the regions where blocks are to be created. the top line is part of the tool workspace. you can create blocks from the workspace or the page. clicking the blue button on the block will create a new block from the visual workspace.

note that you can still create blocks from the workspace with these sections blocked. the bottom part of the structure shown above has been created from the workspace, but the highlighted region is from the page.

when you create blocks from the workspace, the blocks will appear as part of the workspace. however, when you create blocks from the page, they appear in the workspace as a separate section of the workspace. the section on the top of the page will not appear in the workspace, but will be added to the object tree as a separate element.

any groups, blocks, or objects created from the workspace or page are always completely independent elements. if you are creating a frame, then create the frame directly from the page with no interference from the workspace. then, change the placement of the frame and add the workspace elements.

the example shown above shows the frame with the workspace elements added. if you draw a block directly from the workspace, it will be added as a section of the object tree. this element will still be completely independent.

creating a group of blocks is a good way to control how the blocks appear. for example, in the window above, the highlighted blocks have been created from the workspace with the blocks contained within the highlighted group.