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Welcome to Wild Terra Online, a player-driven fantasy world where you can become someone else and do anything that you wish. You are just one of the many players on the server who can be whoever you want to be in the game world! Whether you like to be a hunter, a healer, a knight, a vagabond, a swordsman, an alchemist or an inventor – you can do anything in this world.
Early Access Phase
Wild Terra Online is currently in a special pre-alpha phase and is still under active development. All settings can be changed and all functionality is free and open for you to test and provide feedback. Be prepared for the game to change drastically.
Why should you play Wild Terra Online
Wild Terra Online is a sandbox free-roaming RPG full of atmosphere and 3D graphics. If you can dream it, you can do it in Wild Terra Online. The game world has many different biomes with their own challenges and rewards. You get to choose which one you like and where you wish to go and what you want to do.
Are you looking for a free-roaming world where you can do whatever you want? Where you can compete with other players and get the highest prize for the biggest adventure? Wild Terra Online is your new favorite playground!
How to play Wild Terra Online
– Create your character
– Explore the world – you are free to move wherever you want, no matter if it’s hostile or not.
– Build your character – there are many professions available and every profession is unique.
– Find your way and plan ahead
– Survive – there are many different monsters in the world that you will have to fight and survive.
– Collect and trade – your gear is crafted by yourself using materials you find or acquire.
– Improve yourself – every player can improve their own skills using crafting sets and collections.
– Fight and do whatever you like!
What makes Wild Terra Online unique
– An open world with 100+ Biomes – the world is almost fully explorable.
– A realistic atmosphere – the game world is affected by outside forces such as weather, temperature, hunger, thirst and various other factors.
– Many different biomes with their own challenges – in a real medieval world with medieval technology you can go and experience life in forests, swamps, deserts or on mountains.
– Custom Content – you can do anything to Wild Terra Online and create your own world!
– A free-roaming sandbox game


Features Key:

  • Really easy to play.
  • Interactive timer.
  • Count each pile on the table.
  • With an introduction to stock-counting.
  • Play against the clock.
  • Game is divided into 12 easy games.
  • Maximal 6 players, minimum 2.
  • Multiplayer mode.
  • Hints.
  • Show original design and history of the game.
  • Instructions:

    • Click on a card to flip it over.
    • Two cards can be placed face down, if you do not want to store them, press the “play” button first.
    • Playing with a King or Queen will always be difficult and give you less points.
    • Start game and check your time.


    • Simultaneous play with 2 up to 6 player.
    • Winner is the first player to reach 0 points.
    • When you have a valid move, click on the card to flip it over.
    • If you fail, the table where you played the trick will be under red.
    • In case of tie, the clock will stop when a player needs a second to play the card.
    • Cards are dealt as in stock counting, if you play a king or queen, you face 4 cards.
    • If you reach 15 bonus before time stops, the player who holds the most bonus wins.
    • What is your guess? Play our game… Talk to you later.
    • You must be over 18 years to play this game.

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    “The Line Walker” is a text-based point and click adventure, inspired by the classics of the genre and featuring a unique art style, an original soundtrack and a funny script.
    Don’t miss this fantastic experience, from the writer of the graphic novel “City of Boil” and the comic “The Girl With All The Gifts”.
    The Line Walkers are a strange race of bipedal beings, with a head that would be missing, and an extra limb, The Line.
    Some of them has children, and most of them has power, right?
    The Line Walkers are on the brink of extinction, and Alicia van Volish is one of the last survivors, in the world known as “The District”.
    Alicia has to explore the hidden city and solve puzzles in order to find the source of the mysterious Golden Sphere, find her sister and escape from the District.
    Help Alicia to overcome obstacles and find a way to the source of the golden sphere.
    Alicia has the power of her mind to visualize parts of the environment, but a very limited knowledge about the city.
    Try to find clues to solve the puzzle, finding the best solution for each particular scenario.
    Save the city from the aliens, that have now landed and attempt to use Alicia, and take advantage from her mind.
    Become Alicia and Alicia can change the world. With a little help of a friend.
    You can choose between two endings.
    From different points of view.
    From the eyes of the alien that has infiltrated the city, or from the eyes of the kid of a Line Walker.
    Alicia is about to discover a whole new world.
    Kisses and teeth everywhere.
    You are the Line Walker of this world.
    Greetings, my friend.
    The Great Central City is living again after the Large Flare…
    But now, the powerful aliens, known as “Rainbow Eyes”, are invading the city…
    And Alicia van Volish, daughter of the “Curator”, the only survivor of that event, is the only chance for us.
    For a safe hideout.
    After all, she’s the only daughter of the curator.
    And in this hideout, she’ll be in one of the safest place of the District.
    Some time ago, Alicia disappeared, so now, the only one who knows about it…
    …is the curator himself.
    Maybe he’s keeping a secret from her too…
    Two years ago, during


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    Shaolin is the new Wutang, and its better.PC Games MagazineRead Moreq \frac{i}{2}} \frac{d}{d\tau} \phi_{n}^q e^{ -i\tau \hat{H}_M} = i \sum_{n’} \frac{\omega_{n’}}{E_{n’}} |\phi_{n’}|^2 \left[ a_{n’q} e^{i(E_{n’}-E_q)t} + b_{n’q}^* e^{ -i(E_{n’}-E_q)t} \right].
    \label{eq:B.3}$$ The coefficients $a_{n’q}$ and $b_{n’q}$ are equal to $$a_{n’q} = \int_0^{\infty} dt \left[ \left( \phi_{n’}(t) \right)^* \frac{d\phi_q}{dt}(t) + \left( \frac{d\phi_{n’}}{dt}(t) \right)^* \phi_q(t) \right] = \frac{1}{i} \left( \phi_{n’}(0) – \phi_{n’}^{\ast}(0) \right)
    \label{eq:B.4}$$ and $$b_{n’q} = \int_0^{\infty} dt \left[ \left( \frac{d\phi_{n’}}{dt}(t) \right)^* \phi_q(t) + \left( \phi_{n’}(t) \right)^* \frac{d\phi_q}{dt}(t) \right] = \frac{1}{i} \left( \frac{d\phi_{n’}}{dt}(0) – \frac{d\phi_{n’}^{\ast}}{dt}(0) \right).
    \label{eq:B.5}$$ In particular, we have $b_{n’q} = 0$ in case of a free (Gaussian) state.

    [^1]: ybib@phys.h-its


    What’s new in Monster Castle: