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Features Key:

  • Gan Gab GH XXXXX 2H
  • Math Libge 2V-10.00
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  • Grave accent `
  • Cedilla ŕ
  • ACE
  • LEG
  • BASE
  • "1 button" game.

    • Immensely difficult game, quite addictive!
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    My Lovely Daughter

    ♥About the game!
    This is my first horror game, and it was the first thing I made for the World of Maker. It is a survival game (with RPG elements), where you play as the protagonist, who falls into a haunted house. You have to escape the house and get to the nearest safe house, and from there start a new life.
    There are no weapons in this game, and all you can do is run, fight or hide. You can have one conversation with the protagonist. You can talk to him, and he will tell you where he is and what he knows. You can also talk to the local people or computer in order to solve a puzzle. The only way to progress is by escaping, and to make this happen you have to find the way out.
    There is no story written down, and the only idea for the plot is that the protagonist falls into this house, and he knows that in some way it is haunted. Everything that happens in this game has happened before, the haunting started in this house.
    This is a survival horror game, the protagonist is currently active, the haunted house is the one you should be in, the where to go is the nearest safe house, or even farther if you are brave.
    About the Characters
    The character is your protagonist, and he is currently a simple farmer, who doesn’t know very much about the outside world. But he knows how to make some stuff, he knows how to fire a weapon.
    The protagonist can talk, and he will say things like “Hello, ” or “My brother used to play this kind of game”. He will also mention some things like the weather, local people, and animals around the house. When you talk to him for the first time, he will ask a question. You can also ask him questions, and his answer can change the course of the story.
    He will also comment on what is in the house, or what is around, and his comment can change how the story will progress.
    About the Game Mechanics
    There are no weapons, all you can do is run, hide or fight. This is a survival horror game, and nothing is set in stone. It is all about how you make your choices and what you think is interesting to do.
    The game is scary, so it will become more scary if you do not know what kind of person your protagonist is. If he is like you, you will probably panic, but if he is a bad-ass, you


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