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NITE Team 4 Crack Highly Compressed

Hi, Ive been having some issues with my molar (#2). I experience sharp pain when biting down in certain areas of the tooth. I also have a large composite filling on that tooth. The dentist suggested putting on a temporary crown and waiting 1 month to see if the pain went away before continuing with the permanent crown. Well when she was putting on the temp crown, she discovered I had a crack in my own tooth and a crack in the large filling. She said she filed down the crack and then put the temp crown on. I thought it was really strange she wouldnt take out the cracked filling but she said if she does that I definitely need a root canal because its so close to the nerve. Does this sound right Putting a temp crown and possibly permanent crown on a cracked filling I understand I probably dont have much tooth structure left without the filling but she said from the x-rays there was no decay so it was fine. Its been 6 days with the temp crown and I still have the same biting pain as before. I went back to do a bite adjustment but everything was fine and she started filing healthy teeth. She still wants me to wait the full month before we decide what to do next but I feel like if Im still feeling the pain when biting, the temp crown obviously isnt working. I understand her not wanting to do a root canal, I dont have any temperature sensitivity or pain aside from biting and even when I do bite the pain isnt bad. What are your thoughts on this matter Should I push for her to take out the large cracked filling or is it enough for the crown to hold it in place Does a root canal seem likely Thank you so much!