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Nitocote Et402 Msds Pdf 13 ⚡


Nitocote Et402 Msds Pdf 13

symbol & strength designation is for purpose of illustration only and are not to be construed as limitations on any claim.
material specifications and designations are for illustrative purposes only and are not intended to limit claim.

although as a general guide, it is advisable to apply 4 litres per square metre of nitocote sn502, this should be fixed in weight. however, if the application rate is below this, conditions should be controlled. immediately after application, it is advisable to apply a first damping coat. completion of this damping coat will provide a further capacity for ‘dumping water’ over subsequent days, and will facilitate longer term curing and protection of the substrate. it is recommended that the damping coat is applied under dry conditions. although this will delay the drying process somewhat, it will provide more time for the system to ‘dip up’ from the substrate. a minimum of four hours is recommended to ensure that the system has completely ‘dipped in’.

fosroc nitocote sn502 is available in a range of formulations, designed to match the range of typical reinforced concrete substrates. these are 1 in 2 wt/vol sc latex; 2 in 3; 3 in 3; 3 in 4; 3 in 5; and 4 in 5. it is also available in a range of application viscosities to match the application rate being used. our technical support team can advise on the correct formulation for the substrate at the given application rates.

nitocote is formulated to give a full 2 year performance guarantee. the initial application rate is at the manufacturer’s recommendations and should be applied by experienced fitter. a spreader for application to ‘sweat joints’ (to ensure that it is applied in the dry state) should be provided in the boxes, but is not included in the product price. timing of application is critical, and the product cannot be applied during high temperatures or wet conditions. if in doubt, contact our technical support team.

“..adding 10 l of water, mix thoroughly to produce a viscous cement-like slurry, using a trowel, apply the product to a wall with a trowel to avoid application of product onto the wall” (according to the operating manual, page 29).
“to prevent water from penetrating through the porous wall, we can use nitocote cm210. for best application results, we recommend a minimum application thickness of 15 – 50gsm and minimum intercoat thickness of 0.5mm” (according to the operating manual, page 28).
“as nitocote cm210 curing gel is transparent, the coating will not become dark or cloudy over time, colourless and clear, making it easy to visually inspect” (according to the operating manual, page 31).
nitocote cm210 two component, acrylic/polyurethane emulsion system has a mixture of acrylic polymer as the solvent. the size of the emulsion is generally around 1 micron. to provide good flow, the amount of solvent in the mixture is kept to about 20% by weight of the total emulsion weight. this mixture is diluted by water to form the application, similar to a paint. the mixture is very viscous, as it contains high levels of very high molecular weight polymers. as the solvent evaporates, the mixture gels to form a stable elastomeric membrane, which dries to a hard, impervious membrane that has excellent properties of water resistance, breathability and temperature stability. single component products can be formulated to provide equivalent performance to the emulsion products. these products offer performance that is the best available on the market but are not as economical as the emulsion products. the difference is that the pure chemicals are used and do not have to be diluted. in addition, because the composition is based on pure chemicals, they are much easier to handle.