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How to create Graph with Subgraph in Python

I’m trying to create a Graph from a CSV and add tags to that. This Graph will have many subgraphs. Therefore I need to assign nodes a number, for example a node’s number is always it’s offset into the graph. But i don’t know how to create such a graph. Here is my code so far:
from csv import reader
import graphviz
import sys

# open input file
input_file = open(‘text.csv’, ‘r’)

# opens the output file
output_file = open(‘’, ‘w’)

# Use file reader to read CSV and store in dictionary
reader = reader(input_file)

vertices = dict()
labels = dict()

# Iterate through file
for line in reader:
vertex = line.split(‘,’)[0]
label = line.split(‘,’)[1]
vertices[vertex] = label
labels[label] = vertex

# find out how many unique nodes there are
V = len(list(set(labels.keys())))

# draw default graph
g = graphviz.Digraph(format=’svg’, prog=’dot’, nodetype=’node’,

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Google Play Services Beta key invalid

I got an email stating that Google Play Services Beta Key has been invalid. The first two lines are:
The requested key is invalid.

Please contact the developer for that key.

I checked my G4 key and it is still valid.
Any idea about this issue?


The last version was released at September 26th as can be seen here.
I would suggest to contact the key developers and inquire about that.

The rapid growth of the Internet and other computer networks has spawned great demand for increased data transmission speeds and bandwidth. The ever-increasing data traffic has overwhelmed existing Internet infrastructure, especially from the client perspective. As a result, a great number of networking applications have become unable to perform in a satisfactory manner due to network bottlenecks.
Network traffic is highly variable, especially with respect to the nature of streaming media types such as video and audio. One possible solution to providing increased transmission capabilities is to increase transmission capacity by increasing the bandwidth of existing infrastructure. However, this solution suffers from several drawbacks. For instance, due to the widespread adoption of wireless communications, increasing the bandwidth of the transmission infrastructure is not economical or efficient.
As another possible solution, existing internet infrastructure can be enhanced to provide faster transmission speeds. Broadband access technologies, such as cable modems, digital subscriber line (DSL), and cable, are increasingly used to provide faster access to the internet. These technologies generally have significant limitations with respect to dynamic load balancing, where changes to transmission infrastructure are difficult to effectuate and where the transfer of data is not actively controlled.
Accordingly, there is a need for improved methods and systems for providing Internet-based data transfer, such as

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I’m actually not afraid in these situations. I just feel like a weirdo.

I don’t know if you can identify with this scenario, but I’m fairly certain you can relate to this one:

When you were young, you were a different child than you are as an adult. You were obsessive about your family, to your mother or father’s chagrin. Your mother just wanted a nice kid, and by the time you were a teenager, she wanted your help around the house. If she needed you to run an errand or plan a family gathering, you were going to be there, no matter how annoying that

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Bing was an early product name for the IBM 6150, one of the first hard disk mainframe computers. B stands for “Big”. It ran on the new IBM 6400 code name S/360-33. It was announced on December 12, 1961.

Like other IBM models at that time, the 6150 was a family of computers using the 8-bit instruction set originally developed for the IBM 701. In this case, it was called the IBM 8095/8197, first introduced in 1957. It was equipped with about 250 KB of main memory, of which the control unit occupied about 21%.

In February 1962, the IBM 6116 was announced, replacing the 6150. The 6116 was a smaller machine with a power supply rated at 100 volts.


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With a formidable general election behind it, the Congress party is now engaged in a process of self-annihilation with its own MPs and leaders increasingly being persuaded to leave the party, as evident from the slew of resignations that have been triggered by differences over who will be the party’s candidate for the New Delhi parliamentary seat.

The process of sharpening party lines and its own strategy of formulating a pick for the New Delhi constituency seat was set in motion on July 24 when Rama Shankar Jha, who was expelled from the Congress three years ago following the controversy over the rape of a minor