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Operacion Caballo De Troya John Keel PDF

Operacion Caballo De Troya John Keel PDF


Operacion Caballo De Troya John Keel PDF

i always like to hear the stories of this keel book because i know him and he is a real guy, not some “expert” who wants to tell the world what to think and feel. i found the book a good read. i learned a lot and was made to think, but i do not know if i learned about the power of the mind and how it can affect our perception of what is happening around us. what he learned can affect how you see the world and there is always hope in learning to move beyond our own limitations.

i read the book in 1993 and i believe i read the german edition. i remember when it came out, people were shocked and felt it was the same as keel’s the mothman prophecies where he claimed that a race of aliens crashed on earth in 1947, and that the mothman was some kind of supernatural messenger.

i have the english edition as well as the german edition of “operation trojan horse.” the german edition is edited by brian mcmanus and is called die schatzinsel. in the english edition, keel called his book “operation trojan horse.” in the german edition, he called it “die schatzinsel.” i think this was done to avoid any confusion between the two books.

hi doug,
i have in my possession the german edition of keel’s book, die schatzinsel. in it, there is a sketch of an illustration that he uses to describe the flying saucer phenomena. i have not seen this sketch elsewhere. it was published in the german edition of his book.

we do not know the true nature of the knowledge that the u.s. military has of this subject. yet, with information that we do have, we can make some informed guesses as to the nature of what they may have. there is an indication that they do not believe that there are any aliens, despite what they may see on video. they do believe that the ufos are of human origin, and that their purpose is to warn us of something – an environmental catastrophe, a galactic invasion, or something similar.
keel believes that the u. military is aware of the “others” and this is why they are trying to cover up the reality of it. keel says: “the government is so committed to its own survival that it could not have taken this threat seriously unless it had some very good scientific data on it.” (p. 147)
the purpose of keel’s book is to get to the bottom of the ufo subject. he is not one to blindly accept claims made by those who have a vested interest in the ufo phenomenon, and he is not one to dismiss claims made by the many witnesses who are credible. he is a man who follows the evidence, and he does not try to explain away or gloss over any evidence he has encountered. keel was able to see the interrelationship between the ufo phenomena and the people who are involved in them, and he was able to see the human element in a way that other ufologists have failed to.

in the 21st century, the earth has become the victim of a highly sophisticated, benevolent, technologically-advanced alien race that has been watching us since prehistoric times. from multiple-world spacecraft to space saucers, to ufos, to uap, to wormholes and worm-holes, to human abductions and human mutilations, john keel’s operation trojan horse provides the key to the puzzle. this is his most controversial book, and it has never been out of print.
john a. keel’s last book, the mothman prophecies, was released posthumously in 2002. his brother, james keel, has now released john a. keel: selected writings, which contains nearly 70 articles, essays, reviews, and interviews from the past 50 years. this is a must for any serious student of ufos and the paranormal.
in other words, keel’s trickster angle was revealed in his classic article, “the great ufo hoax”, which appeared in the november 1965 issue of the journal of scientific exploration. you can read this article here.
and, as you well know, keel’s focus on the trickster angle was subsequently and decisively confirmed by all of the world-class ufologists who followed in keel’s footsteps, from budd hopkins to robert sheaffer, from jacques vallee to richard doty. in other words, the trickster angle of the ufo phenomena was confirmed and corroborated by so many world-class researchers that, for all practical purposes, it has become the consensus ufological understanding of the phenomenon.
also, we can glean this from the many examples that keel gives in his books, from the many declassified documents that keel was able to track down, and from the many intriguing and intriguing messages that keel was able to decode from aliens on the web.