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Operation Blue Star Book K S Brar



Operation Blue Star Book K S Brar

there were these two boys, you do not know how i found out, these two boys who had come from (the) us, one of them was a young indian-american (he was born in houston, texas), he was a university student, and the other one was american and had spent some years in delhi. i would call them mr and mrs america. these two boys were my personal eyes and ears. they came to me very soon after the operation. they told me they had an opportunity of going to the media along with you, to give your side of the story. i said, they have a better chance of being killed because of what they are going to say. at the end, it does not matter how many people are killed, this is not going to help us. in the end, it is going to be carried by them. so, i said, why not let them stay.

the most important lesson i learnt from operation blue star was that i learnt not to carry on being a general. they say in the army, a general is one who has to take on the burden of the army. in a way, i could not believe it. i carried the burden of the indian army on my back, but i did not carry the burden of the indian army in the way i carried it. i carried the burden of the indian army in the way i carried it.

the operation had to be launched as soon as possible. i had to improvise and had to use it as a training exercise for my troops, at the same time, one of my immediate objectives was to get a brigade into the golden temple. finally, the brigade with the 3 units of the infantry were to assault the temple, under cover of artillery fire.

i was at the golden temple for three days. the situation was bad. every time you turn on your television, you see these faces smiling at you. after an operation, everyone wants to see the results. the army had to storm the golden temple, which was very, very difficult for them to do. fortunately, the operation was done in one day. some of the militants were killed in the operation. we couldnt even push forward one of our platoons. we couldnt even get up to the first floor.