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Wednesday, 1 June 2014

Back to School Day

Happy Back to School day!! Just letting you all know I’ve just finished my latest Soap Making Advent Calendar and I’ve added a new photo each day showing how to make the mixture’s for each soap. I’m keen to share my recipe’s and all my new products on this blog too in order to share with all you lovely people.
I’m very excited and would love it if you could like the page or follow me.
Have a lovely day!Q:

Identifying GIS Data in ArcGIS Online or ArcGIS for Desktop?

I’m trying to import.csv files and both arcgis desktop 10 and online seem to be capable of taking it.
My main question is what kind of data type is the import data type? All the attribute data is in decimal format. Is that going to work with arcgis online or arcgis desktop?


It should be ok. If you are unsure about which format the csv is using you can look at the first three rows to see the data type. If that is a decimal/double you can try it.


is there any benefit in using goto in child process

is there any benefit in using goto in child process?
in my case i was using exit() method and was not good for me,
is it something that can be avoided?


The goto statement is a statement which “branches” to another location in the program. It is not part of the language of C or C++, but is part of the language of many other languages (including assembly language).
Without any kind of condition, goto is just a jump to the next statement, and often has no effect at all.
However, you can use a goto statement to simply “fall out” of a loop without changing any code inside the loop, and this can be a good thing to do. To understand why, let’s write out how the version of a for loop in C would be represented by a given compiler. By example, with GCC:
for (; /* nothing */ ; /* nothing */ )
/* code */

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