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The primary goal of this game is to get out of the maze.
However, your progress is met with obstacles. These obstacles are “traps”.
Most of the traps aren’t too challenging and provide “interruption” rewards and/or temporary “buffs”. However, other traps are more challenging and will give a greater “message” or “reward”.
This game will give you hints on how to proceed.
Some rooms, however, are “totally sealed off”. These rooms are “trapped” and your only way out is by following a separate path that is “not trapped”.
The earliest “trapped” room you unlock is at area 1 (you start off near the room) and the last “trapped” room you unlock is near the end of the maze.

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This app has closed down. This is not the one you’re looking for.Q:

How to check if a string exists in all values of a dictionary

I have a dictionary like the following:
‘a1’: ”,
‘a2’: ”,
‘a3’: ”,
‘a4’: ”

How can I check if a string exists in all the values (not only some)?
For example, given the string ‘a1a2a4’ exists in all values, return True, otherwise False.
Here is what I came up with so far:
>>> all([bool(x in d) for x in (‘a1a2a4’, ‘a2a3’)])
>>> all([bool(x in d) for x in (‘a1a2a4’, ‘a2a3’)])
>>> all([bool(x in d) for x in (‘a2a3’, ‘a1a2a4’)])
>>> all([bool(x in d) for x in (‘a2a3’, ‘a1a2a4’)])

What is wrong? Any suggestions?


all() doesn’t do a recursive search in every case. You need to use the the any() function for that.
Also, any() returns True only when all the values are


Features Key:

  • Step into the World of Attack on Titan
  • Be immersed in the high-octane combat of the biggest anime of all time.
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  • Battle through the hordes of the wicked wasteland in a colossally ferocious race against time
  • Step into the World of Attack on Titan and add yourself to the story of the series!

    The last remnants of humanity’s resistance stand against the hundreds of thousands of Titan men that ravage the wasteland. Whether as a mecha pilot, or a soldier, join the epic story of mankind.
    Form your own band of misfits and heroes and take possession of the three elements; a Titan, a weapon, and an attitude for your side. How many warriors of humanity’s last line can stand against the titans? Battle alongside the protagonists of the series, and unleash devastating combination attacks with other players. Fight as brave warriors in a game without rules, and take advantage of the elements and the combat advantages of the mecha, to prove you are the ultimate titan predator.

    You must fight to survive!

    *Fight with the greatest anime of all time!
    *Upgrade and customize your skill and weapon
    *Harness the power of hands, legs, arms and the mecha suit.
    *Battle alongside the anime characters
    *Fight an army of Titans
    *Command giant mechas!
    *Command support mecha like Pazgell, Anlis and more!

    Gather everyone in your group, and control the monster mecha.
    Plan your attack and shatter the strength of the enemy mecha.
    Join the universal attack on the heart of the titan!

    *Attack on Titan Online: Battle through endless waves of enemies and experience the battle map in the real world.
    *Attack on Titan Online: Battle through endless waves of enemies and experience the battle map in the real world.
    *Battle the


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    Marmoset Hexels is a unique, grid-based painting tool for vector art, pixel art, design, and animation. Utilizing a set of geometric shapes and a natural painting workflow, Hexels allows artists to create complex vector designs with the stroke of a brush. Hexels can be used for designing fan artwork, toys, handmade goods, crafts, and any other designs that have a need for a smooth, clean look.Digital painting software and pixel art tool for personal and professional use.Comes with Photoshop plug-ins.Developed by HAL Laboratory, Inc. (GPS).Q:

    Why did the community delete so many ‘What’s the best mining rig for this type of scrypt mining’ questions?

    Sorry for the stupid question, but why are those questions deleted?
    I have seen those questions and voted to undelete, because my opinion is quite negative, but ‘community’ decided differently.
    Some of those questions in’review’ don’t even get 5 upvotes.
    I think it would be good if we get some answers to improve our quality.


    The first two I voted to delete were pretty obviously off-topic. I’m not sure about the third. I think it’s pretty unclear what mining rig they’re talking about.
    The fourth I voted to delete. I would much prefer to see it put on hold instead of deleted. In fact, if this site had the review privilege, I’d probably vote to leave the question alone (in an effort to get it answered or migrated) because they certainly aren’t fit for the site.
    Finally, the second question you referred to is a duplicate of another. It was posted on April 2nd, so as to avoid the question becoming closed. The second question is just a link to the first, since by the time it was posted, the OP had updated their question. I don’t see why they’re deleted, but the way the internet works, it’s the way things happen, I’m sure it’s just a pattern for things to happen one way or another. I like them, I’m not concerned about them being deleted.

    to the second smallest value? (a) 3/2 (b) 0.2 (c) 14
    Which is the second smallest value? (a) -2 (b) 0.7 (c) 4/9
    Which is the third smallest value?


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    // Distributed under the Boost Software License, Version 1.0.
    // (See accompanying file LICENSE_1_0.txt or copy at

    // See for the library home page.
    // File : $RCSfile$
    // Version : $Revision$
    // Description : defines execution_monitor for unit test framework
    // ***************************************************************************


    // Boost.Test

    // STL

    #include <


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